Although I am African born (Kenya), I was raised and have lived all of my life in good old Blighty, predominantly east London and with that came colour, flavour, texture and so, so much vibrancy in all areas of life.

Food, like most cultures, is huge within the African community, within London and now everywhere else as we realise that food isn't just a necessity, something that we need to keep us alive but something that we want to experience and it is an added bonus that it keeps us... I LOVE FOOD! I can't get enough of it and enjoy sharing and serving and watching family, friends, new friends that were once strangers enjoy what I have created. However this is a double edged sword for me...

I enjoy cooking so much, I enjoy going out to eat even more, but serve me bland food, dry food, textureless, colourless, bleurrrgh food and I am miserable. Especially if I have to pay for it..!

The food that I have brought to King's Lynn is so different from what is available in other restaurants and cafes and that is because I have brought spices and textures that I grew up with and have adapted as I have grown to enjoy cooking:

Jerk: A West Indian spice mix used to flavour many meat and vegetarian dishes. A mix of coriander, pimento, cumin, scotch bonnet pepper, celery salts, onion salts, garlic salts... (I'm not going to give it all away). This is then marinated overnight but the meat can be seasoned and cooked immediately in a hot. hot pan to get the same deep flavour. Jerk isn't hot and spicy, it's aromatically spiced so shouldn't offend too many taste buds, but, you can always add more heat by adding more chilli.

Jerk can be dry (which I serve) or can be in a sauce or curry. Jerk curry is amazing as all the spices blend so well with the sweet coconut milk.

Jerk Chicken and a vegan Jerk Chargrilled Veg is always on our menu served with plantain and tomato and cucumber lime salsa for £9.95.

Spices are so important to our health as they aide in improving metabolism, blood purifying, detoxification, but all things in moderation as not everything needs to be spicy, just seasoned well, which is just as if not more important.

You will find that at Supper Club and other events the tastes that are introduced are: African, American, Mediterranean, Indian...