I grew up eating plantain so it is a very normal part of my diet and now my little boy's diet (as well as his very English, Norfolk born father's diet). We love it and you will too, because it comes with almost every 'menu special' that we serve!

So what is PLANTAIN..?

The English pronounce it as it is spelt but those of us who were born in the countries that it originates (Africa and the West Indies), pronounce it PLAAN - TIN (the southern 'A' where it sounds like 'AH' like bahth, grahass...).

Plantain is obviously a banana, but YOU HAVE TO COOK IT! BUT please don't make the mistake of peeling and eating it raw like the fruit because if you have enough raw plantain, it will make you sick!

There are a few varieties: small, large, green, yellow. I personally prefer the large yellow ones, but try them all. Also, don't be fooled into thinking that when they go black that they have gone rotten... Oh, no, no my friend, they are just getting better!

So, a great substitute for potatoes, rice and pasta especially if you are trying to cut down on the carbs (why would anyone do that - I couldn't give up bread even if I was paid!), and it's a fantastic source of: protein, vitamins C, B and potassium which is great for us new mums and great for weaning babes.

Totally gluten free. fantastic source of energy. It can be chipped and deep fried or oven roasted. Left whole and oven roasted, shallow fried, it's delicious on it's own as a snack, or as part of a meal i.e. jerk chicken, plantain rice and peas!

If you're coming to eat at Maggie and the Dragon, don't be alarmed as you'll be sure to see a lot of plantain on the menu... Please try it, it's a taste sensation that you will come back for!