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Restore and Protect with an Aloe Vera Pamper Brunch

Summer is gone and winter is upon us and our skin is about to take it's toll from the suns damaging UVAs and is going to go into hibernation from the winter harsh and bitter winds also.

To repair, prepare and protect our skin from the harsh elements that we face everyday, why not attend a luxury aloe vera pamper session and learn about how these products can keep your skin feel soothed, smooth and relaxed in all weathers and repair almost all conditions, from eczema, nappy rash, psoriasis, or simple dry skin to just using it as an affordable luxury brand.

Lucinda Musgrove-Farley will talk to you about the products and you will each be able to use the products before you buy and do not have to buy on the day.

Reserve your place by contacting Mercy Kaggwa: or Facebook

For more information about the products visit: