Hot Wraps £7.95

Hot Wraps are our version of a tasty sandwich but MUCH better... Full of flavour, colour, texture and not forgetting hot (rather than a cold fridge sandwich). Made fresh to order you can watch and smell your wrap being made right in front of you:

FALAFEL WRAP: 100% VEGAN made fresh with on the day homemade falafel balls with aromatic spices mixed in with the ever ready trusty chickpea (which is not from a can but lovingly soaked over night and cooked in a pressure cooker in the morning from 07:00 and in the fridge ready for lunch by 09:00). Served with spinach, a Norfolk made carrot chutney (Candi's Chutneys), sweet peppers and homemade hummus made with kidney beans (not from a can either) and chickpeas.

Please note that these are VEGAN as no egg has been used as a binding agent!

MEATBALL WRAP: Sweet, sticky and spicy seasoned the morning you order and can be spicier if your desire requires, made with Candi's beetroot and juniper chutney, homemade hummus, sweet peppers and spinach.

The wraps are then toasted under the buffalo griddle until lovingly charred and the chutney juices hot and sticky!

You can have these served with a cooling tomato and cucumber salsa and or crispy, sweet, spicy potatoes (just for a few extra penniesat £3.50)


Snack Bites and Sides

Sometimes your just in the mood for a pick (a substantial one, but a pick nonetheless)

Sweet Potato and Butternut Squash Fries    £4.50                                     

Chargrilled Okra                                              £3

Plantain                                                            £3

Falafel balls                                                     £3

Meatballs                                                         £5

Jerk Chicken                                                   £5

Homemade Hummus Pot                               £2

Toasted wrap bread and homemade hummus                  £2.50

Homemade Flatbread with salsa and hummus                   £5.50

Chocolate Fudge cake slice                                               £2.75

Carrot cake slice                                                                 £2.75

Coffee and Walnut                                                             £2.75

Pancake                                                                               £2.50

Banana Pancake                                                                 £3

Blueberry Pancake                                                            £3

Banana and Blueberry Pancake                                       £3.50

Add chocolate or peanut butter                                        +50p per addition

Biscotti                                                                                  £1  

Kettle chips                                                                         95p

Wotsits                                                                                 50p

Roots veg crisps                                                                  95p

Levi Roots crisps                                                                  75p

Market Deli crisps                                                                 75p

For you and your little one we can create a pot of finger foods to aid with weaning and first tastes and textures. Please ask us about what we have on offer as these change daily.

Finger foods                                               £2.50



We are licensed to sell and serve alcohol and stock a variety of local craft beers and ciders, we even have a variety of vegan and gluten free beers and wines. We prepare cocktails and mocktails and a nice traditional short...

We offer a variety of milk, please state which milk you prefer, but we will always ask: full fat cows, semi skimmed cows, lacto free, soya, almond, rice, oat and coconut rice milk. You can use any of these in your smoothies, teas, coffees, iced drinks and or just as a drink itself.

Summer Fruits Smoothie                                          £4.50

Black Forest Gateau Smoothie                                 £4.50

Peanut Butter Smoothie                                           £4.50

Iced Chocolate                                                          £4

Fresh fruit or Veg and ginger iced crush (Apple/Pear/Carrot/Beetroot)          £3.50

You can add a hit of extra fibre (spirulina) or vitamin c (baobab) for an extra 50p

Teas (loose leaves):                                                                            £2.50

English breakfast (tea bag or loose)

Decaf Ceylon

Decaf Roobois


Mixed berry

Early Grey



Coffee:                                           Large£4  /  Small £3.50

Please ask for your coffee choice

Drinks in the fridge:

Fentimans Dandelion and Burdock                              £2.15

Fentimans Victorian Lemonade                                    £2.15

Fentimans Elderflower                                                   £2.15

Fentimans Ginger Beer (non alcoholic)                       £2.15

Coke/Diet Coke                                                            £1.50

Sprite/Fanta                                                                   £1.50

Still Water/Sparkling Water                                           £1.20

Sparkling J2O                                                                £2.15

Coconut Water                                                                £2.15

Ribena/Fruit Shoot                                                        69p

Regular Specials:

Jerk Chicken, Plantain and Tomato and Cucumber Lime Salsa                                          £9.95

Chargrilled Cauliflower Steak, Plantain and Tomato and Cucumber Salsa                         £9.95

Jerk Wrap: Chicken or Plantain (Vegan) with Hummus, Spinach, Okra, The Non No Mango Chutney                                                                                            £9.95

Our SPECIALS are so SPECIAL we change them regularly. We pride ourselves in catering for meat lovers, vegetarians and vegans. It is so important to us the we encourage taste, texture and colour that all of our food is sourced locally, is food that you can all recognise and shouldn't be worried about trying and is packed full of flavour. Some flavours hotter than some, but you will enjoy...

Please note that some of our SPECIALS are so SPECIAL that you will only find them at our SUPPER CLUB and not on our dailies menu. Please visit the Event's tab or our Facebook page for more information on our Supper Club