We are a family friendly café and because of this we know that there is nothing better than entertaining your children before and after the family have had a delicious meal (please follow the navigation tab to our Delectable Delights Menu). We host a variety of wellbeing activities during the week for you and your children aged 0-5years old to enjoy during the day:



The Artsy Craftsy Café: SPLAT or MONSTER SQUAD!

This is our holiday programme for when any of our classes that are term time are on a break. The paints, crafts, colouring books, glitter etc all comes out for you and your child to create the craft of the day or to simply be creative yourselves and enjoy some freehand messy play!

This activity cost £5 per adult and child with £3 for any additional children. No need to book just turn up when advertised but space is limited so it will be a one in one out system. Ps. bring spare clothes the fun can get awfully messy... Just how we like it!



09:30 - 10am Bump Fit, Buggy Ready, Toddler Steady Walking Meet-Up Group

Jennifer from PlayFit will put you through your paces and help you get some much needed fresh air, to stretch our legs in some low impact exercise and if you're pregnant will hopefully keep you energised ready for bump to make an appearance and if your children are walkers will gear them up for the day ahead (if not tire them out for a morning nap - bliss).

Meeting at Maggie and the Dragon to set off for a 30minute walk fit session and then head back to the café where you can purchase refreshments, brunch and have a chat...

To book your place contact Jennifer Shah: jsplayfit@gmail.com ~ 07411 099973 ~ FB/jenniferplayfitshah ~ Instagram/Twitter @p_l_a_y_f_i_t



10-11am PlayFit: This class runs throughout the school holidays.

Jennifer will put you and your child through your paces with a series of aerobic exercises such as lunges, squats and the plank. If your child is a baby you can use them as a weight to build and rebuild some much needed (lost) muscle after pregnancy and just life in general. This one hour class is fun for the children as the playlist is great and Jennifer allows the children to boogie along.

To book your place contact Jennifer Shah: jsplayfit@gmail.com ~ 07411 099973 ~ FB/jenniferplayfitshah ~ Instagram/Twitter @p_l_a_y_f_i_t


Baby Ballet (coming in August): To declare your interest please contact Jennifer Shah: jsplayfit@gmail.com ~ 07411 099973 ~ FB/jenniferplayfitshah ~ Instagram/Twitter @p_l_a_y_f_i_t



10am-4pm Yoga For You And Your Child

Don't be fooled into thinking that this is a yoga class for your child. No, no, no. It is a class for you to enjoy yoga with your child! Whether you're seasoned in your practise or a beginner to yoga or even exercise in general, this class will teach you how you can enjoy exercise, relax, refresh and recuperate mind, body and spirit alongside your busy child. Whether a babe or a toddler or older this class will suit all age groups (including antenatal). Your child can lay and roll about, they can play and run around, they can even join in. This is a safe place for you to practise and hopefully they will reap the benefits too because you will feel great and if they join in, so will they.

in groups of no more than 6 at a time (6 adults and 6 children from babes to older).

To book your place contact Oli Bell: barefootcrewyoga@gmail.com ~ 07887 585457 ~ FB/barefootcrewyoga ~ https://oasisbell19.wixsite.com/mysite.co.uk



3:45-4:45pm and 5pm-6pm Calm Kids Yoga

Kyra Cruise a fully qualified aromatherapist, masseur, holistic therapist and children's yoga practitioner and will instruct your child through a course of yoga and creative story telling to ease, encourage and improve the bonding relationship with their inner selves...

To book for a FREE taster class in October/November 2017 or to book your child onto the course from January 2018 visit our facebook page!

Contact Kyra Cruise: 07968 354431 ~ 01485 571230 ~