So much has happened since my last bog post in July; sorry for taking so long to write back.

In this post I want to talk about community not only because there is this sect of evil that continues to attempt to take our community down with these devastating atroscoties with their evil, Manchester, LDN and I include Grenfell because that too was a man made horror against those who knew no wrong. But as a community we continue to stand strong against this evil... And we will win!

During the last two months I have been dealing, battling against my own internal terror, my health which has been difficult. Normally a very well (never been sick, never been to hospital other than to give birth and avoids doctors and all medical healthcare professional at all costs even though I spent 5years working at Addenbrooke's Hospital, kind of healthy) and one day, 1st August I wake up in searing agony across my abdomen!

Having been to hospital twice now because of this pain (because my GP is adamant that there is something wrong with my appendix...) and discharging myself twice because I hate hospitals and observation is a nonsense term for 'I haven't a clue' which I would much prefer being admitted to rather than, being told that I am 'under 72hour observation'... Not that I'm the slightest bit annoyed about the whole experience or indeed contuining to be in a ridiculous amount of pain!

I am glad that I went to hospital because they ruled out so many things and were in fact amazed at how healthy I am and indeed I surprised myself at how much pain I can take because almost three months living with pain, I can honestly admit that I have not taken a single pain killer and it's all because of my little boy.

Taking care of myself means having to take care of Beaumont, of Michael, our extended families which includes the many friends that we have made since we opened the doors to Maggie and the Dragon.

When I posted that I was in hospital, I never expected anyone to message back (seriously, as much as I may be in my 30s, the @MATD social media pages are literally the only pages I own and have ever owned. I don't do FB for personal use and never have done. It's all brand new to me and I ask so many of our customers how to use it... cos seriously... I don't really get it... If you can't tell by my many mistakes and edits...) I was so touched and amazed at the get well messages that y'all sent. Thank you so much. Sincerely.

As much as all those who know me, have heard me say that I wish I was mega rich so that I would never have to work, I joke. I love working, I love working for people. I love being sociable and I love getting to know people, to help which is probably why I have spent my working career in the charity sector, in health and social care because I want to ensure that people are happy. It's probably why I provide 8 different types of milk when many cafes and restaurants don't even provide one milk alternative, even in so called cities (was in Ely the other day and I couldn't find anywhere that would make me a soya hot chocolate and I really couldn't be bothered with a busy Costa with a 17month old Beaumont running riot..!

I know that my health will improve, because I know that my body needs to learn to combat stress. At the moment I don't have much time to myself to exercise but I enjoy and have always enjoyed healthy food and good company. This will settle down and I know that I am blessed to have a business that is growing (Have you seen the booze fridge!) and becoming known! I have a lovely little family and amazing friends and customers who are all quickly becoming a lovely friendship group of their own...

King's Lynn is a small community within a wider region and with events like Hanse Festival, Heritage Day etc that bring outsiders in, makes King's Lynn a vast community that is fast evolving.

It's a nice little place to bring up a family, a nice little place to settle for a while, a little peace and far enough away from the crazy, but close enough to enjoy the fun of the crazy. There are days I miss where I truly London; the convenience, the stuff, and then there are days when I am glad that that there is a 90minute commute between me and my old home.

I am asked on a daily basis what brought me to KL and every time I say, 'Michael!' and, yes, it was Michael. And what keeps me here... this cute little community that I know is just right for the first few years of our family's life: quaint, history, countryside...

So, as you know, I am licensed to sell alcohol and now, Maggie and the Dragon is a licensed premises for customers, the community to enjoy an alcoholic, or what I am calling inebriating beverages on its premises! It was a very stressful process, I am not gong to lie. I have had quite high powered jobs in the past, worked abroad, had bosses from HELL, but this... Wow! So, now I have to tell everyone to come along of an evening for cocktails, a beer a... boozy evening which is funny because having not drunk alcohol for almost two years (pregnant and breastfeeding... still...), I forget that adults are up and about after 7pm... MATD now opens until 10pm on a Saturday night and I can just about keep my eyes open! Silly! Lol!

I am really looking forward to seeing you all dressed up and not as parents, but as people with your own identities, within this new grown up community without babies, without breastfeeding bras, without slings and papouses, without dirty nappies or talking about the next baby event, sober sleepless nights wishing it was sleepless because it was booze and sex filled (or is that just me..?)

So whatever is going on with my body (I believe is stress induced IBS), it will pass and can hopefully be managed. Whatever is going on the world and in the minds of these evil people, they will be stopped never to be remembered in our history but the lives of those affected always in our hearts. Together we shall be strong as a community, share and enjoy time, food, drinks and our lives whether in a quaint historic town like KL or a city like our capital which holds the ancestry of so many of us, that we can but thrive.

It's hard to do things alone, but together, as a community... we can achieve so much, and I am so grateful that we started Maggie and the Dragon in King's Lynn, that the root of my happiness started here, that this has fast become our family home...

Ps. The wedding is fully booked for September 2018 with the exact date and venue that we wanted! Stupid excited... But will probably not give away any details until next year cos you know... It's ages away! But... Yaaaaay!

Pps. Michael is proving to be an amazing baker of all these vegan. He amazes me everyday! I am so proud of him. Well done 'puppy'!

Ppps. Beaumont grows more beautiful with every passing day, doing things that astound me such as unlatching from my breast, looking at daddy and saying "Boobie", whilst pointing at my breast! Jokes! And his lovely obsession with 'Hey Duggee' that when he wears his themed pj's he points and says 'Duggee, Duggee, Duggee...' at all of the images and boy, he gives the best Duggee Hugs ever! Such a lovely boy (I don't know where he gets it from!).

I promise to write again but much sooner (I'm currently writing this at 1:54am as I can't sleep for the stomach pain, so, maybe not under these circumstances but maybe I will update you on my new health regimen...I'm sure that you are all interested... Just tell me to ssshh, if I go on...)

Night guys xxx