Licensed to Sell...

So a fun few weeks have been had, a lot of successes and many challenges of course as you know, things can't be too easy cos that'd be what... Easy!

The yoga and the flexibility classes are going well which is fantastic and we have had a great response to the Family Yoga and Creativity Brunch. We have booked in a Vegan Supper club with Emaline Delaplaix who is an Australian acoustic singer from Germany currently doing a tour of vegan restaurants and she has chosen our little café to perform. She will be here the evening of Thursday 31st August and we will be serving a vegan jerk curry with chargrilled and roasted aubergine, courgettes, okra and squash with cauliflower and coriander rice and a black bean and chickpea ginger and lime salsa, vegan wines and beers, vegan ice-cream and cake. Tickets for the event will be available from 1st August, just get in touch (£20pp if you book a table of 4people dining £75 for main course and entertainment)!

In my last post, I told you all that I was taking my Personal License to sell alcohol and... Yaaaaay! It has come through the post and I am in the process of licensing the venue ready for an August baptism, so to speak! I am so excited about this is unreal. We will be selling a selection of local wines and beers both traditional and vegan so that those who are devote vegan also have an option if they which to partake in an alcoholic beverage.

We are also going to have a cocktail hour with an amazing selection of cocktails and mocktails made with real fruit, smoothie-style!

Now that the alcohol is on the way, our evening opening is beginning to take shape: mixers, comedy, poetry and spoken word, acoustic and open mic nights, supper clubs, wine and ale tastings, rum, gin and tequila festivals... Ah, the list goes on.

So, yes alcohol is exciting, but to top that we now sell ice-cream, Dann's ice-cream which is so lush it's stupid! Our stock arrived this morning and as a huge ice-cream lover, I was more than a little excited to receive the delivery an hour before we opened (what, ice-cream for breakfast, whaaaaat! Yes!). Ginger, Coconut, coffee, lemon and prosecco sorbet... Hopefully by next week the vegan ice-cream from Booja Booja will arrive and that is seriously good and tastes just like lovely 'normal' dairy ice-cream'; chocolate chunky monkey, raspberry ripple, smooth vanilla... yum!

So yes, things are moving forward.

I am looking less and less like I have just had a baby; literally for the entire year I have felt like I have just had a baby, and up until this week, I still felt like my body had gone through the mill. But I feel like I have turned a 'physical' corner as my stomach is flatter, noticeably flatter. My clothes are fitting and sitting differently (when I was pregnant I was adamant that I wouldn't buy any maternity clothes or any clothes after pregnancy and apart from some dungarees, bras and pants, I haven't. At my biggest, I wore Michael's clothes. Maternity clothes are really expensive and I quite like baggy clothes so even though I may have been a size 6/8 I always wore 10/12, so...) My back arch is less concave and those of you who know me know that I have found that really annoying (Beaumont was a big baby for my little size 6/8 frame and I literally looked like the letter C, my back arch was huge! Lol!). I would love to say that I have been an exercising fiend, which I wish, but I haven't had any time, I do just think however, that my cheeky little breastfeeding monster has been suckling my body back into shape... Yaay boobie milk! A little toning wouldn't go a miss, but, I'm getting there and I'm glad that I've taken my time with it (even though it has annoyed me). And although it is so not the right time to think this let alone do anything about it, I do feel that we're moving in the right direction of baby number two (I didn't want to get pregnant again without losing the 2.5stone I had put on with Beaumont)! Now, we need to keep the momentum of the business going to make some baby money...

What else, work related... Oh we have been hosting Board Game Fridays in the afternoon from 1pm. It's been so much fun. Those who want to play pay £1.25 (aged 5+, under 5years are free) and they get to bring their own games as well as play ours between 1-4pm. It's been great and have had all ages 3years - 40years old home educators, general public passing and seeing what's going on and it's become a regular thing over the last month.

Those of you who pop in regularly have seen that we have regular staff now, Emma and Lauren (and Fiona who will be working with us when she is on holiday from university or back for weekends etc). We have a lovely little team and we hope that they enjoy working with us. Although they are staff, I don't really like to think of them as staff and I am their boss, they are such great fun, that I know it would be hard work if I thought like that. They each have really sily personalities which is great for me cos I am a big kid and can easily laugh and play the fool all day. Really intelligent, with great ideas and all of them love Beaumont and he likes them and OMG is he hard to please (but he does like pretty girls - player!)!

Michael and I have been talking a lot about our wedding, again not like it's going to happen tomorrow, but because we know it's happening... We were talking about what he and Beaumont will be wearing, my hair and make-up (those who know might be surprised) and the entertainment and we have this narrowed down to exactly what we want including the venue!!!

Michael wants to turn his dad's ring into his own wedding band which is lovely; sadly Terrence passed away sometime back and this is such a nice way to have him represented in our lives together and keep him close. Michael thinks about him a lot and talks to Beaumont about him which is lovely. Although I didn't know Terrence, we have lots of photos up in our house and sometimes when I look at Beaumont I see that he looks like a Chivers. He looks like Jacqui, Michael's younger sister. However, he has the Kaggwa foot, the Kaggwa hair line, and the Kaggwa clap (we like a clap when we find something funny).

On another note; some people have asked if we are concerned about the new Soul Café Restaurant opening on Tower Street. No, we're not. They are a completely different entity to us and trying to create a totally different enterprise. We have met and I hope that we become local business friends and not competing enemies. I wish them luck; it's a huge building and an exciting prospect for them and for the town. KL needs exciting places to eat and go out of an evening. We might even go. Lol! So, no fear, competition is great it keeps everyone on their toes and without it, what are you motivated to do... Nothing. So hopefully we will be collaborating and not fighting! (Aaargh, even I make myself sick at how hippy lovey I come cross sometimes, yuck! Where is my LDN fight and trample on everyone attitude gone..! Lol!)

Gosh, there is still so much to tell you, but you must need something to eat/drink or even a wee... I will hopefully be writing a lot sooner with news of the premises license that will be posted this week so fingers crossed that it comes back quickly as it will soon be 'MATD O'Clock!'

Please note: That sadly Shop KaTi wil no longer be with us from August. If you would like to purchase any of the beautiful gift cards, the very handy teething jewellery or bespoke bibs, there is only a few days left before all is changed. The space will continue to be a shop but the products will be different, so if you are in need, please pop by. Thank you to the beautiful ladies, Kat and Tiff for hosting your shop with us and we wish you all the success in the world with your venture. We would be delighted to have you back at any time for a pop up shop etc...

If there are any products that you would like once it has gone and would like to get in touch with them directly you can at:

Speak soon lovely people of KL

Laters xxx