Veggie Delight by Demi Leigh Cooper

From time to time we will have guest blogs from interesting customers of our café who are kind enough to share their story with us.

Demi and her lovely little boy Roux visit the café often and enjoy a feast of veggie treats each time; Demi explained to me that her lovely little family have decided to become vegetarian and hopefully to the benefit of their health.

Please note that I and my family are meat eaters and this isn't a post against meat as there are many health benefits that a meat diet provides, this is a post about how having a family has changed their perspective and how a vegetarian diet is enhancing their eating experience...


Our Veggie Delight...


Recently me and my family have decided to go veggie! My partner has done so in the past and we both love the idea of having a colourful, healthy, no animals harmed diet. Both being BIG animal’s lovers, and an Instagram account full of beautiful natural vegan mums living in Hawaii, eating mountains of beautiful fruit and the babies running around barefoot on the beaches wearing beads with long wavy blonde hair and bandanas! That’s the dream.

But on a serious note, back in reality my partner builds cold stores and has therefore worked in a lot of factories, including abattoirs witnessing a pregnant cow be killed and the calf be slung aside and left in the sun all day. But it’s not the killing that bothered him the most but the pure greed of the companies.

People eat animals, we have and I do love a sausage! But greed has taken over. Quantity over life quality. The amount of waste from supermarkets is disgusting.

It’s week one for myself, but Dan has been meat free a few months now along with our son and so the house has been meat free a while. Since Roux has been eating (we went down the baby led weaning route and would 100% recommend this) we’ve always used quorn in cooking anyway as we actually prefer it. Its healthier, cleaner and so much easier. No defrosting! Roux has always loved all his fruit and vegetables, and we have always tried our best to give him “the best”. Water only, no sugar (as best we can – he does have treats like the odd chocolate bar and cake at nannies!), fruit and veg, but given the choice now he does opt for fruit every time. I sometimes wonder if he’s having too much fruit some days (if there’s such a thing?!) but he loves it all; blueberries and ‘narnas’ at the minute.

Since cooking veggie, I can honestly say that our meals have been brighter, tastier and we both agree we feel a lot better after. Portion control is something that we need to work on but when it’s that good does it matter 😃. We’ve tried a lot of new things, butternut squash, plantain, okra at Maggie and the Dragon, tofu and loved them all, Roux too. I love making the food exciting, cutting his fruit into stars and hearts, and making sure It’s always a bowl full of colour. I love bringing out tea and hearing my 1 year old look genuinely excited and even giving me a ‘WOW’, it makes me feel like I’m doing everything right.

We’re not vegan, but we do have soya milk and dairy free butter as we love the taste! Personally, I’m happy eating eggs and drinking milk but we do stick to free range and organic as we want the animals to be happy ones.

As I said before, this is the beginning and we have tried and failed before but even then, our diet has always been 80% meat free. We love veggies and fruit and have found the wonder that is Linda McCartney. I am happy to give up my sausages to replace them with hers, they are amazing… And so far, we are loving it. Especially with the lovely weather as nothing tastes better than when it’s been BBQed.

Going back to the dream, I would LOVE to wake up each morning on a beach and pick mangoes for breakfast, while Roux and Dan go off to skateboard and surf in the sun. But right now, were happy sitting in our little garden with the best fruit that Sainsbury has to offer. And mega treats when we visit Maggie and the Dragon for AMAZING veggie wraps. Delish!

Peace Out!