Stick to what you know... Err, what do I know..?

It's been a month since the launch, since Beaumont's first birthday and a year since I have slept properly that now with this new baby, my adrenalin has stepped up a gear, because trying to keep Beaumont and the café alive is definitely enough to keep me busy! Oh and what with all the babies coming into the café, how broody am I! But, too tired to do anything about it even if we could afford to! Sex. What? What's that again..?

To be quite honest, when we opened I genuinely didn't know what to expect; I didn't know what people would think of me, my (boys) lovely little family, the venue, the food, the events on offer... Again, I just thought about getting through the launch and Beaumont's birthday, not the actual day to day running of the venue and the process of work. If I had, maybe it wouldn't have become a reality...

Well, as a home cook who loves feeding everyone especially children, I have been so honoured, surprised, delighted, shocked that the people of King's Lynn like my food. Apart from mucky little cutie pies I can literally count how many plates come back with food on them... 97% clean plates... I'm stupid happy!

There have been a few days where we have been really quite, maybe one day a week. Once I served 3 people all day and I genuinely thought, 'oh my days, why have we ploughed everything into this business...' With stock, rent, utilities, insurance... it's scary and thankfully we are busier than we are quiet, but those quite days send the mind spinning. So what do you do...

Organise events!

Yoga brunch! We had such a fantastic response from our first brunch on Sunday 9 April! We are definitely doing it again especially as we have been asked to by those unable to attend!

Ps. We are going to host them quarterly as well as bi-annual all day wellness retreats!

We have begun advertising 'Bump Fit Buggy Ready Toddler Steady Walking Meet-Up', 'Yoga for You and Your Child', business networking, and the Rocking Raw Chef who has created a vegan tasting experience event for us on Friday 28 July!

We are booking in local authors for our book club called 'Books and Booze', a daily Breakfacise workout class.

With so many activities in the pipeline for children, evening events for adults, wellness programmes, we are achieving what we set out to. I hope, we hope that the are all received warmly!

So, with all this in mind, you're probably thinking that we have such an organised life... Well you'd be very, very wrong! Work is amazing, it's clean and beautiful. Home... well, if we could move into work..! SERIOUSLY! And to top it all off the eldest of our two cats is feeling a little neglected, so much so that she started to pee on the rug! Annoying! But it goes to show how difficult it is to manage work, home, family life balance. With no family close by to help with Beaumont, I worry that he is feeling neglected especially because he still breastfeeds, and now the cat! Aaarrrrgh! I need to sign up for a yoga brunch!

I can't imagine us not doing this, but I do have to stop thinking too far ahead otherwise I will scare the s@#t out of myself, but a little fear keeps us all on our toes!

Watching Beaumont take his first steps, seeing him share with other children, watching his amazing personality blossom; funny, sensitive, cheeky, boisterous, bossy, greedy, and I feel the stress dissipate and the weight fall from my shoulders...

Month one done, just the rest of our lives to go... Easy, right!

With that in mind: wedding dress... bought, shoes... bought, Michael's shoes... bought... Date... decided but not booked...