A Leap into the Unknown

So with less than two weeks until our official press launch on the Saturday 1st April, I am sitting here in the café on our new teal sofa with both my son and my laptop on my lap thinking, 'right, I am now a working mother' juggling between an 11moth old that doesn't want to sleep on his own and deadlines.

Since waking up this dreary March morning, we have gone to Bounce and Rhyme time at Lynn Library, sorted out insurance, checked and answered emails, had a snack, made some calls and now... I'm writing this.

Michael has been amazing. Apart from the electrics and plumbing, he has practically done everything himself. I think we have made quite a good team on this project (which is how I am seeing things, otherwise it'll seem too big for my head to handle), to be honest, this has been easier than being a mum. Work is work and I know how to do that already. Being a mum is simply winging it the whole time and it can be tricky, especially when the baby is winging it too.

Learning to stand and walk are the activities of the day at the moment. It's really exciting to see our little boy turn into a little toddler. I know there is still a way to go, but this year has literally flown by for us, I don't now about the rest of you, but, I feel as if it were only yesterday we were bringing him home from the hospital. I still remember taking almost 40minutes to walk down the stairs whilst in labour. And now, in 13 days I will have my own business and in fifteen days, a one year old son!

We knew pretty early on in my pregnancy that it wasn't likely that I would be going back to work in Cambridge. I did really love my job, I enjoyed what I did and I was good at it, but I woke up in a cold sweat one night and asked Michael, 'who's going to look after my son..? while I'm at work, who is he going to be with..?' it made me feel sick because in my dream I couldn't see him with anyone. I was walking out of the door at 6am and then what... I never thought about just being a mum and then it happened. I became a mum (did you see that I didn't add the 'just' that time - because being a mum is JUST so hard, that we are not just mums).

I love being a mummy to Beaumont and what's crazy is that looking at him makes me broody for more. Because of him I feel so courageous and strong, why not start a business that keeps me close to him and allows Michael and I to work together? Why not do something that we know we want and that the area needs? And if not now... When?

Just like making the decision to become parents, if you have a dream, find the opportunity, and do it. If you can, just do it. Because there is nothing worse than not trying and, sadly in life we don't always get second chances. Take a leap of faith and give it a go...

I hope you follow us on our journey of exploration...