Maggie and the Dragon.... Coming {very} Soon to King's Lynn

Maggie and the Dragon

Saturday 1st April 2017 will see the launch of Maggie and the Dragon; the first creative arts, community and wellbeing café in King's Lynn. Situated within the tranquil courtyard of Hanse House on the South Quay, the doors opened to a vibrant healthy eating café and happening events space.

Founded by first time parents Michael and Mercy Kaggwa-Chivers, the couple explain that the inspiration behind their new venture came from a personal need to find somewhere fun, comfortable and suitable to go with their new baby son Beaumont. In fact the concept of a family friendly food and wellbeing centre mixed with a community art space was something the couple discussed on their very first date, wandering the streets of Cambridge. The launch is not only the successful amalgamation of their dreams and ideas shared one winter evening over hot chocolate, but also more significantly coincides with the celebration of their son Beaumont’s first birthday.

Mercy explained, “When I was pregnant and on maternity leave I really struggled to find affordable healthy food and somewhere comfortable to sit and breastfeed and of recent, somewhere comfortable for Beaumont to crawl around and throw finger foods about without annoying other diners.”

Michael followed by saying that, “Art should be accessible, inclusive and open to everyone especially early years who are developing an understanding of the world around them. We want to encourage everyone to express themselves through all mediums from cooking, yoga, painting, acting, spoken word, storytelling and dance, crocheting, playing games or simply colouring in. With an extensive events calendar, this will finally be possible on our doorstep.”

Maggie and the Dragon have a varied menu catering to everyone including vegans, vegetarians and meat lovers. They feature an eclectic events calendar focused towards new parents looking for support, babes and toddlers, children, young people and adults. There will always be rainbows and a large helping of magic sprinkles courtesy of the amazing Hartbeeps providing regular workshops and special events. Other events include yoga classes for children and adults, the Artsy Craftsy Café™, Storytelling, and not forgetting Rhythm and Baby™ dad’s

disco with a playlist featuring, Classic Hip Hop, 90’s Brit Pop and many more. Michael said that the “Rhythm and Baby™ Dad’s Discos are really important to me. As a first time dad, I’m new to the whole baby scene and I want to be an active parent, but all of the groups are {quite understandably} aimed at mums. It can be awkward and difficult for the lone dad at groups singing nursery rhymes when everyone else in the room is singing at a higher pitch. But I give it a go because I want Monkey {Beaumont} to enjoy it. I am looking forward to creating a ‘dad’s group’ and I’ve spoken to several daytime dads who feel the same.”

The café offers an array of colours and tastes for those who eat meat but also for vegetarians and vegans. The couple say the emphasis is on delicious healthy food. From freshly cooked hot flat breads and plantain to crispy okra and kale, jerk chicken, pulled pork and brisket served at quarterly supper clubs.

With special events and daily activities to get involved in, the venue is safe for children of all ages, secluded and picturesque for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the High street. While close enough to the Vancouver Quarter, that you can come and go freely. Plus a quiet walk along the quayside is perfect for getting baby to sleep.

There is simply nothing like this anywhere in town!

Michael and Mercy both come from a charitable background; Michael a support worker and Mercy an events fundraiser. Maggie and the Dragon have chosen NCT West Norfolk as their partner charity. Please look out for information about their fundraising.

For information about events and activities you can find them on Facebook or Twitter and Instagram @MaggieATD or visit them at

To book your little one's birthday party, please call 07806 395371 or email

“Join us on our exploration through imagination...”