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About Michael, Mercy & Beaumont Kaggwa-Chivers

Maggie and the Dragon was an idea conceived the night we first met. After a brief stint of harmless flirtation over an internet dating app, we met, we dated, and then...

About Michael: Norfolk born, I am a keen amateur artist, professional wedding/events photographer and local King's Lynn young persons support worker as well as a doting father to our little boy, Beaumont.

With a love of the arts; writing, music, dance, theatre, painting, drawing, printing, film, I have found that I and those I support in the community are able to express ourselves, becoming animated and enthusiastic about our surroundings, interacting with others subsequently learning more about ourselves.

Maggie and the Dragon is a space for people of all ages from babies up to grandparents who need an outlet and want to make new friends and eat good food (cooked by my fiancé)!

Wanting to be an active and interactive father, we decided to go ahead with our dream, making our reality something that others can enjoy with us.

About Mercy: Born in East Africa, I am a migrant from East London having grown up there since the age of one, to King's Lynn having lived in East Anglia for ten years. When I met Michael I knew that even if our romantic relationship were to fail (which I am sure there is hope yet..! Lol), we knew that we would remain friends and work together. With his passion for the arts and community and mine for wellbeing and the community we talked for hours about how we could combine our skills into what is now our new and exciting venture.

Becoming a mum to Beaumont has only heightened my passion to bring flavour and colour to King's Lynn. A self taught cook with a professional background in events and fundraising, I gain my enjoyment in seeing others enjoy themselves.

About Beaumont: Born in April 2016, he will be exactly one year and one day on the first opening day to the general public.

From birth he has always been alert and inquisitive, not acting before he observes, He takes his time and watches while others leap in ahead of him.

We are his best friends and he is ours. Without Beaumont, Maggie and the Dragon would still be in it's conception waiting to be born.

About Maggie and the Dragon: Hanse House, the building in which we are located used to be called St Margaret's house. We are directly opposite St Margaret's Church which is on St Margaret's Place. The King's Lynn town emblem is the image of St Margaret piercing through the mouth of a dragon with a sword which ate her in his rage. We have changed the story slightly stating that instead of the dragon eating St Margret, the gained a mutual trust and respect over a shared cup of tea which Maggie, a young girl offered him while he was rampaging through the streets. The cup of tea they shared quenched his thirst for friendship.

We aim to provide the community with activities that are affordable, enjoyable, that challenge creativity and brings about togetherness. We have recently learned about a Danish term called Hygge which in simple terms can be defined as 'Hygge (“heu-gah”). The art of building sanctuary and community, of inviting closeness and paying attention to what makes us feel open hearted and alive. To create well-being, connection and warmth. A feeling of belonging to the moment and to each other. Celebrating the everyday.' We spend so much of our lives rushing about or not with the people that matter or doing the things that we love, Maggie and the Dragon is an aim to rectify that.

About the National Childbirth Trust: We have chosen to support our local branch of the NCT as our partner charity for 2017. This is NCT - West Norfolk. The NCT supports parents from the antenatal experience through to the first one thousand days of a child's life. This isn't just for those in need looking for specialist support but those parents who may be looking for family activities having moved to a new area, parents looking for a bargain by hosting Nearly New Sales, friendship...

We will be hosting fundraising events for the branch in support of the amazing work that they do for the community throughout the year until March 2018.

To find out more information about the NCT please visit:  

You can also pick up a newsletter in the café.